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Welcome to the Kailua Labs API documentation. This site contains information about how to access and use our search API. If you have questions, or find something is not covered in this doc, please let us know.

Kailua Labs empowers developers with a plug-and-play search API that works on anything, whether it's text, images, video, audio, or other data. There are two steps to this process: (1) upload data to index, (2) search your index. To get an API key for access, get in touch.

Want to learn more? Check out a demo, or learn more about our team at

Key concepts


All data added to our API is kept in a catalog. A user may own one or more catalogs. A catalog is a collection of objects. You can perform actions on catalogs (such as search to retrieve objects).


Each entry in a catalog is called an Object. Objects contain data in the form of fields that can be text, URLs to images/audio/video or other data types (price, date, numbers, etc.)


When you search a catalog, our API returns relevant objects along with Matches. A Match represents the most relevant portions of that object, be it a section of text, an image or a snippet of video / audio.